ATP loses patience with Kyrgios

I’ve been trying hard to like Nick Kyrgios, but he doesn’t make it very easy for you. It seems that every time you think he’s turned the corner, he puts his foot in it again. Just over a week ago I wrote that Kyrgios was a serious chance of challenging for a spot at the ATP London Finals this upcoming November. However his chances have since been dashed with the ATP kicking him off the tour for 8 weeks due to ‘tanking’ in the Shanghai Masters.

Kyrgios’ latest stunt drew the wrath of media who criticised him for not showing enough respect for the fans. But perhaps it’s an even greater insult to some of the lower ranked pros who ‘bust their gut’ trying to make ends meet on the tour. Kyrgios didn’t want to be on court in his second round match against Mischa Zverev, but there would have been many others who fell short of qualifying for the tournament who would love to have been there. Whilst many of Kyrgios’ fellow competitors don’t have the same natural ability as he does, many would die to have the opportunity to play in the big tournaments, something Kyrgios seems to be taking for granted.

Kyrgios clearly needs a spell and I think it will do him some good. It will allow him to sit back and re-assess his priorities and where his career is at. He knows he has done the wrong thing and he has come out and apologised for his behaviour. It’s a shame that the ATP had to take this action but I think he will learn from the experience. He has the best job in the world and it will surely be only a matter of time before he realises this and embraces the opportunities that could be in store for him.

For the record, I am a huge fan of Nick’s tennis and thoroughly enjoy watching him play. Kyrgios could be absolutely anything if he chooses to get it together, but he needs to do this soon before it’s too late. Next year shapes as a big year for him and hopefully he will be better off after this latest episode. I hope this is the only time I write about his on-court mischief and that next time I am talking about his tennis because he can seriously play.


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